Xerox WorkCentre 6515 Printer Driver & Software Downloads

Xerox WorkCentre 6515 Printer Driver & Software Downloads

Color Multifunction Printer

  • Print, copy, scan, fax, and email wherever you work
  • Compact MFP with support for mobile and cloud platforms, ideal for your small business

The Xerox Workcentre 6515DNI is a color laser multifunction printer with a fast USB 3.0 interface. This has an interesting peculiarity, as the test shows.

Xerox equips the Workcentre 6515DNI color laser multifunction device with a version 3.0 USB interface. So far, output devices such as printers and multifunction devices have been content with version 2.0 (Hi-Speed). However, the scanning driver cannot be installed in the test via the local connection. A scanning function is simply not provided for here. If, on the other hand, if we control the device via the wireless network, the scanning driver can be played without any problems.

Xerox relies on up-to-date interfaces and good hardware equipment at Workcentre 6515DNI. For example, the color laser multifunction printer is well prepared for the printing, copying, scanning and fax requirements of small working groups. That the device does not scan via USB is not logical, but shows that it is intended for network operation. On the other hand, however, we have to activate the duplex unit first. In the case of work machines, it should be ready for use immediately. However, Workcentre 6515DNI is suitable for users who value high-quality colour and grayscale prints. They also remain in the affordable area in terms of costs.

  • USB 3.0, gigabit LAN
  • Blue Angel Certified
  • PCL 6, PS 3
  • Wi-Fi as a module to plug in
  • no real switch off

Other features of Xerox Workcentre 6515DNI

In general, the Xerox Workcentre 6515DNI is designed for network operation. In addition to an 11n Wi-Fi module, it also comes with a gigabit Ethernet interface and Wi-Fi Direct. The multi-function printer can also be controlled via smartphone or tablet. To do this, he has mastered the standards Apple Airprint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria and his own Android pug-in Xerox Print Service.

Xerox Workcentre 6515DNI integrates a duplex unit for automatic double-sided printing and copying. However, it is not activated in the delivery state. We see the function in the driver grazed out. Only when we define them as "instances " via the  "printer properties " and  "configuration " can we use them. This is both cumbersome and unusual.

Since Workcenter 6515DNI not only prints, scans and copies, but also faxes, it has a template entry installed for 50 sheets. A maximum of 250 sheets fit into the paper cassette, and an additional 50 sheets of paper fit into the multi-purpose compartment. If the media stock is not sufficient, the color laser combo printer can be expanded with an optional paper cassette for up to 550 sheets. From the factory it reaches a maximum of 300, in optimum to 850 sheets of paper stock. The control panel on the device is foldable and touchable. It responds quite quickly to the fingerprint. The menu is logically structured and therefore easy to use.

Brisk work pace

Workcentre 6515DNI has a 1.05 GHz processor and 2GB of memory. Together with the 28-page printing plant in black and white and color, the color laser multifunction printer comes at a high pace of work. If the device hangs on the USB 2.0 interface, it creates 20 text pages in 55 seconds. At the USB 3.0 port in 53 seconds. The bus type itself does not bring the decisive advantage. This also applies to duplex printing: Here we measure about USB 2.0 for the 20 text pages 1:17 minutes. Via USB 3.0 it is 1:12 minutes. Basically, the duplex unit works briskfully. Since the scanner can only be controlled over the network, the results over Wi-Fi count in the test. We measure 11 seconds for a preview, 14 seconds for a color scan-good values in both cases. This also applies to the copy speed with 11 seconds for a grayscale side and 13 seconds for

High print quality

The Xerox Workcentre 6515DNI offers both a PCL-6 and a PS3 driver that can be loaded onto the computer together. In both cases, the multifunction device generates sharp letters in good cover on the sheet. The shades of grey are also very detailed. Colored surfaces are homogeneous. The toner order is full, but strip-free. The slightly exaggerated tones in the red and blue areas can be measured, but do not stand out negatively in the visual test. In copying, the details drop in color more strongly than those in shades of grey. In both cases, we notice a slight offset between original and copy. There are points for that deducted. In the scans, reds and blues are slightly overemphasized. However, this is less disruptive than the fairly average sharpness, which subsides sharply in depth.

Consumption: Comparatively favorable color side

From the factory, Xerox delivers Workcenter 6515DNI with starter toners designed to reach 1500 monochrome and 1000 color pages-average amounts. Based on the XL toners, side prices of 2.4 cents for the black-and-white and 12.3 cents for the colored sheet are calculated. The price is favorable for the color side, for the black-and-white average. Xerox advertises that consumables such as image drums and residual toner containers are designed to last a printer's life long. However, the manufacturer restricts that the average print volume of 3000 pages per month only applies.

Comparison test: The best colour laser multifunction printers 

At the same time, Xerox makes the offer of a lifetime warranty. The prerequisites are for the manufacturer's own consumables to be purchased and for the extension to be requested under In terms of power consumption, the Xerox Workcentre 6515DNI is less sufficient. In the waiting state for the next order, the energy demand drops to just 24.9 watts. If it rests for a while, we measure 5.7 watts-here, too, other models are more sufficient. The device also trades in for the switch off, which does not completely separate it from the current, but allows 0.2 watts to pass through.


  • Xerox ConnectKey Technology-enabled color printer
  • Productivity with high performance, superior print quality, exceptional reliability
  • Cloud-connected, mobile-ready, application-enabled, and easy to customize
  • Printing speed up to 45 ppm
  • Recommended monthly Print Volume Up to 8,000 pages
  • Work cycle Up to 120,000 images/month
  • Output front and Versostandard
  • Output time of first Printing Only 9 seconds Black and white/10 seconds colors
  • Processor 1.05 GHz
  • Print memory (default/MAX) 2GB/2GB
  • Connectivityethernet 10/100/1000 Base-T, high-speed USB 3.0, NFC Tap-to-Pair
  • Connectivity (optional) Wi-Fi 802.11 n/g/b/A and Wi-Fi Direct with optional Wi-Fi Kit 
  • (Support for simultaneous wired and wireless connections)
  • Adobe® PostScript® 3™, HP-GL, JPEG, PCL 6, page description Language (PDL) 
  • PCL® 5e, PDF, TIFF, XPS

Supplies & Accessories

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Using the original Xerox ink and toner on your Xerox printer will ensure that your prints are delivered with consistent quality. Tests conducted by independent printer evaluation laboratories have proven that original Xerox supplies are more reliable and feature page yields up to 27% higher than the aftermarket alternatives.

Xerox WorkCentre 6515 Driver Download for Windows

  • Download Driver for Windows 10/8/8.1 (32.bit)
  • (Size: 39.78 MB)
  • Download Driver  for Windows 10/8/8.1 (64.bit)
  • (Size: 41.91 MB)
  • Download Driver for Windows 7 (32.bit)
  • (Size: 39.78 MB)
  • Download Driver for Windows 7 (64.bit)
  • (Size: 41.91 MB)
  • Download Driver for Windows Vista/XP (32.bit)
  • (Size: 35.11 MB)
  • Download Driver for Windows Vista/XP (64.bit)
  • (Size: 36.89 MB)

Xerox WorkCentre 6515 Driver Download for Mac OS

  • Download Printer Driver for Mac OS X 10.13 (size: 82.40 MB)
  • Download Printer Driver for Mac OS X 10.12 (size: 90.70 MB)
  • Download Printer Driver for Mac OS X 10.11 (size: 90.70 MB)
  • Download Printer Driver for Mac OS X 10.10 (size: 98.70 MB)
  • Download Printer Driver for Mac OS X 10.9 (size: 1.25 MB)
  • Download Printer Driver for Mac OS X 10.8 (size: 1.25 MB)
  • Download Printer Driver for Mac OS X 10.7 (size: 1.25 MB)
  • Download Printer Driver for Mac OS X 10.6 (size: 1.25 MB)
  • Download Printer Driver for Mac OS X 10.5 (size: 1.25 MB)

Xerox WorkCentre 6515 Driver Download for Linux

  • Download Printer Driver for Linux (size: 46.24 MB)
  • Download Printer Driver for Linux (size: 47.72 MB)